Monday, June 18, 2012

My Journey With Ace - Days 5 & 6

Saturday was my fifth day on ACE and I was feeling kind of bad. A little bit light-headed and sick. I was not really expecting that since I had been feeling so good for the last few days since starting ACE. However, I did determine the reason for feeling so horrible.

I had been neglecting going to, where I usually track my calorie intake since starting ACE. So, I decided to head over there and calculate my last few day's worth of nutritional intake. Low and behold, I had not even been reaching 800 calories a day! No wonder I felt so awful! For four days I felt great on that little amount of calories, but by day 5.. not so good.

See, I try to stay away from all refined sugars and most carbohydrates. I am hypoglycemic and they just make me feel awful. However, since I don't have much of an appetite anymore, what I was eating, though high in protein and good for me, did not contain enough calories for a healthy diet.

And so, I have decided to add more carbohydrates to my diet in the form of fruits and grains. This way, though my appetite is still reduced, I will be able to reach at least 1000 - 1200 calories every day. I'm still staying away from refined sugars as much as possible, though. That stuff is just bad.

On Sunday, I took a day off of ACE. Surprisingly enough, I was still not very hungry all day. I ate normally and drank my water as usual. My energy level was fine and I still slept very well. I managed about 1200 calories for the day.

I purchased a new scale since mine is so bi-polar, but will not use it until my TOM is up. TOM always messes with my body, so it's best just to step away from the scale during that time, hehe.

So, almost one week down and going strong! Looking forward to the end of the month to see my results!

View my complete Food Diary HERE.

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