No Excuses! Free Fitness Resources!

Trust me, I've heard (and probably have used) every excuse in the book as to why someone doesn't want to work out, start their diet or begin their journey to a healthier new life.  One of the most common excuses I have heard is that they lack time, equipment, money or know-how.

Here are some resources that will put an end to the whining and excuse making. They are FREE, readily available and the only thing lacking is YOUR COMMITMENT ! And that, my friend, I can't give you.


Zumba - Crazy Sock TV Channel on YouTube
Many Misc. Workouts - SparkPeople , BodyRockTV ,
Body Building - Scooby's Home Bodybuilding Workouts
Yoga - Dr. Satkirin's Channel on YouTube


Many, Many Articles and Learning Resources - SparkPeople
Find Out What's In Your Food - Food Facts
Mommy Specific Info & Exercise - MuTu System

Support & Motivation: 

Connect with others at: SparkPeople & My Fitness Pal
Many Articles at: The Weight Loss Cafe'