Friday, June 15, 2012

My Journey With ACE - Days 3 & 4

Today is day 4 on ACE and I am feeling great. Yesterday I took my second ACE capsule a little later in the day, around noon and I didn't get that very tired feeling in the early evening like I usually do. I stayed up late watching movies with my DD16 and didn't get to sleep until almost 3am. But, this was not because of the ACE, it was just because my DD and I needed some bonding time. I was still able to get up before 9am without feeling like a truck ran me over, lol.

Even though I was up very late last night, I had no desire to snack. Once I had dinner (chicken and vegetables, no rice) I was full and I didn't need any other food the rest of the night. I'm still trying to get a whole 100 oz. of water in every day, but haven't succeeded yet. Close but no cigar, hehe.

I sneaked a peek at the scale today... Down 5 pounds! I almost think it's a mistake. I want to go buy another scale and make sure that it's right. lol.

Here are some things that I have noticed about myself since I started taking ACE on Tuesday:
  1. I sleep like a baby. This is HUGE for me since I have suffered from Restless Leg (BODY) Syndrome and Insomnia for years and NEVER got a restful sleep. 
  2. I am able to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day instead of groggy and feeling like I was run over by a truck during the night.
  3. My appetite is nowhere near what it used to be. I have an Atkins Shake for breakfast, a light lunch and a normal size dinner without seconds or dessert. 
  4. I have no desire for late night snacks. 
  5. My craving for coffee all day long has diminished. I have maybe two cups per day now when it used to be 6-8 cups per day.
  6. I am in a better mood in general. Probably because I've been able to sleep!
  7. I feel much more focused. Again, probably because I have been getting enough rest.
  8. I have a lot more energy. I would start exercising, but I have pulled my stomach muscles wrestling with my DD16 and it hurts too much to think about. 
  9. I am not in as much pain as I normally am. I have spent the last 11 years in pain every day. Some days it is almost impossible to move. Arthritis, injuries, etc. have taken their toll on my body and nothing seems to help, especially when there are storms. I have not been quite as stiff and sore these last few days. 
This is a pretty good list of positives that I've discovered just from taking ACE for 4 days! Pretty awesome, huh? I'm telling ya, if you haven't tried this stuff.. it's great. If you want to, let me know. I've got sample packs or I could take your order for a month's supply. You won't believe the difference in how you feel! 

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