Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Journey With ACE - Days 8 & 9

Since beginning my journey with ACE 9 days ago, I continue to feel wonderful and sleep great. I do struggle with having no appetite and sometimes find myself going for too long without eating anything to the point of feeling light headed and kinda sick. This is because I normally have reactive hypoglycemia, so I am trying to make it a point to eat small amounts throughout the day. My goal is to eat at least 1200 calories every day, which is a little hard to do when most 'diet' or healthy foods do not contain a lot of calories and I am never hungry.

But, I can't complain at all. Not being hungry and having to work at eating enough calories is not much to complain about considering I am trying to lose weight, eh? I still cannot see any results in the mirror or even in the way my clothes fit, but I am trying to be patient. Losing weight has always been a very hard struggle for me. For some reason, my body just wants to hang on to those pounds and fights me every step of the way.

It is time for me to kick it up a notch and start moving more. I don't lead a very active life because I work from home and am on the computer for up to 10-12 hours every day. Between my own work and the freelance work I do, it is a lot of sitting. I've got to get up and moving a lot more in order to increase the effects of the ACE. I know this is a fact, and so I am going to begin walking at least one mile every day. I'm going to start out slow and work up to two miles a day and then go from there. I now live in an area where walking is possible and I have no excuse for not doing it.

My daughter, who has been taking ACE along with me, has lost two pounds during her first week. I am still staying away from the scale until next Tuesday, when I will do my measurements again and TOM will be gone for another month.

I look at everyone else who is taking ACE and sharing their results and I am torn between jealousy and encouragement, lol. I'm not a very patient person and like to see results right away, but I have to remember that everyone is different and my body will adjust to this new energy and metabolism and eating style in it's own way. Eventually I will be able to see the results that I so look forward to. Till then, I will keep on doing what I know is right and good for my body.

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