Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Journey With ACE - Day 2

So, yesterday was my second day on ACE. Again, I felt very energized and not at all sluggish, like I usually do. It was an amazing change from the way I usually feel. My appetite was almost non-existent until dinner-time and even then, I ate a normal-sized portion, left food on my plate and was not starving later on. No more late night munchies for me.

I did end up feeling very tired at around 4pm and fell asleep on the couch for about two hours. However, when I woke up, I did not have that sick, out-of-it feeling that I normally would if I took a nap during the day.

I went to bed at around midnight and was able to sleep through the night again without any problem. No Restlessness, no nothing! This morning I was awake before the alarm at 7am and feel great! No grogginess, no sluggishness, just refreshed and ready for the day! I could SO get used to this! I can't even remember when the last time was that I could sleep normally and felt like a human being instead of like I was dragging around a 1,000 lb weight all day.

Today, I am going to take my second capsule around noon and see if that helps with the tired feeling I felt yesterday that led to my nap. It is all a learning process in the beginning anyway, to see what times work the best, how many capsules I need and what variations make me feel the best.

All I can say is so far, so good!  I'm very happy with how I feel on ACE.

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