Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One And A Half Weeks Down

Time for my mid-week check in!

I've been staying under my calorie goal all week so far! Whoohoo!

My shoulder is still killing me and I'm terrified of doing TurboJam, so I'm having to resort to more yoga and pilates-type stuff, which burns significantly less calories. Not very happy about that at all :( I've been resting my shoulder for days now, but it is just not feeling any better. Nothing seems to help, not even Icy Hot or any of those topical rubs. Unfortunately, I think it is more than simple muscle soreness but I do not have the money to go to the Dr. I will continue resting it and doing heat therapy.

Measuring my food has been an interesting endeavor. I'm amazed again at what I considered to be correct portion sizes by 'eyeballing' it. The measuring cups and spoons have really opened my eyes and hopefully this will help to get the scale to move this week!

I went to the grocery store and took a long time choosing some more healthy food. I now have snacks that are tasty and low calorie so that I don't feel like I'm starving all the time.

I was so craving a cheeseburger the other day and was fighting with the whole "I can't have it, so I want it even more' mind-set. So, I decided to skip breakfast, have my cheeseburger for lunch with some Quaker Rice Cake Snacks instead of chips or french fries and really watch what I did for supper in order to stay below my calorie goal. And it worked! I didn't feel deprived. I got to eat something I really wanted and got out of that 'Forbidden Food' mental issue I almost got trapped in.

I confess that I snuck a peek at the scale yesterday and today.. and amazingly enough it says that I have lost :

I am not going to log it yet. But I am sure that as long as I continue with what I am doing and not do anything crazy to sabotage myself, I will be able to record a new weight at my next weigh-in!


  1. Following you back! And, I just read this post. Very courageous and honest. Most women have body issues. I have struggled with weight (in my mind) and I have found that walking has given me the opportunity to clear my head and negative thoughts. 48 pounds to go... you got this girl! Go find a new suit and if you have to pay a little more for time with your family....and I have also found it's true what the experts say about buy a new workout set .... it does make you feel better. don't have to spend aloteither. new is new no matter what the pricetag :0) cheering from colorado


    happy to follow you! laura

  2. Great job! thanks so much for linking up for FAF!