Monday, May 16, 2011

My First Measurements

Ok, so I picked up the measuring tape yesterday and this morning I finally got around to doing them.

Here they are:

Bust: 38
Chest: 35
Waist: 35.5
Hips 44.5
Thigh: 27.5
Calves: 17.5
Upper Arms: 14
Hip To Waist Ratio: 0.82

Body type: Avacodo (based on Hip to Waist Ratio)

Today I will be doing two workouts:

Slim In 6 & Kathy Smith's Project You (core/flex: Yoga Flex)

My poor shoulder is just not up to doing TurboJam again yet. I think I seriously irritated that rotator cuff. But, I will be doing it tomorrow regardless. It is the best workout for calorie burn. The two I will be doing today do not even add up to the 600+ calories I would burn with TurboJam.

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  1. Thanks for the visit and follow. I so want to be a PHAT Mama too :) I went to a body sculpting class at the YMCA today and I am already very sore. I don't think I'll be able to move tomorrow! I'll have to check out that TurboJam. If you have a Wii, the 'My Fitness Coach' is a good if I would just use it!