Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 Day Shred Day 6 Level 1

Today is my sixth day on Level One of 30 Day Shred. It has been a long week, let me tell you! There were some days that my body hurt so bad, that I lived on Ibuprofen and it took a lot of get up and go to get off my butt to do that day's workout. But, I did. And I can feel a difference in my body even if I can't really see any difference yet. My energy level is up, my muscles are sore - but in a good way. Level One is becoming more manageable and I am able to get into the stances more and more. Tomorrow is my day off and I'm 1/2 way looking forward to it and 1/2 way not. I hope that by taking a day off it won't be harder to do when I come back to do it again on Monday!

I've been consistently staying in my calorie range and drinking my water. I've found that my appetite is fluctuating a bit. There are days when I am starving - the ones that I burn the most calories. And then there are days when I struggle to get to my minimum of 1200 calories. However, if I am starving before a workout, I usually am not after the workout. And my tastes have been changing quite a bit as well. I can taste grease and salt much more now and I don't like it at all. I've actually thrown food away that I 'thought' would taste good because I used to eat it regularly since now it tastes too salty or greasy. This is a good thing.

My DD14 and I took my measurements the other night and I am happy to say that I've lost inches over the last two weeks. I will post in more detail on Monday when I do my weigh-in post.

Oh, and guess what? I found a bunch of other Bloggers who are doing the Shred in June, too! Check them all out by clicking on the button below!

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  1. Your journey is already so inspiring. You rock! How'd your work out go today?

  2. I'm so happy for you and your progress! I'm on day 4 of the shred, and I'm feeling much better too. I'm sore, but it's good! Keep going, you're doing a great job!!

  3. That's awesome! I can't wait for day 6 or 7 so I can really start to feel a difference. And as far as tasting the "bad" stuff in is so true. Last year before I got pregnant I lost a lot of weight and when ever I would taste something sweet after that it was too much!

    So excited for your progress!

  4. How awesome. I can't wait to see your progress. Thanks so much for linking up. Way to go!